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News, Politics

  1. British: BBC, Sky News, American: CNN, CBS News
  2. Guardian (British, with own climate and environmental reporting)
  3. (30 languages): World News, from Germany
  4. New York Times, Washington Post
  5. The New Yorker
  6. The Atlantic
  7. Huffington Post: US & world news
  8. Washington Times
  9. Politico: politics, policy, political news
  10. ForeignAffairs: serious discussion of American foreign policy and global affairs
  11. The Intercept - fearless, adversarial journalism
  12. Times Magazine - global news site
  13. Time - US and world news

International News

  1. Associated Press News: USA + World
  2. Euronews: World, Continental Europe
  3. Reuters - international news agency, Thomson Corporation of Canada
  4. Americas Quarterly - news about Latin America
  5. Voice of America (40 languages) - news from different regions of the world
  6. ABC Australian Broadcasting Corporation
  7. The Walrus, NationalPost - Canadian news sites
  8. BlΓ€tter - monthly journal of German and international politics
  9. Baltic News Network (Europe, the Baltic States)
  10. Al Jazeera, Arab News (Saudi Arabia), Herald, Dawn (Pakistani), Jerusalem Post, Tehran Times
  11. Cambodia, Bangkok Post: Thailand, Hindustan Times, TribuneIndia, IndianStar
  12. UbuntuUsers: internet radio from around the world (see also: VLC)

Newspapers, mainly US

  1. Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, nola (New Orleans)
  2. FiveThirtyEight - USA: politics & news; also: sports, science
  3. Vox - general interest news site
  4. - politics, economy, global news, climate, science, technology
  5. USA-Today, StarTribune, The Boston Globe,
  6. TodayΒ΄s Paper (Long Island, NYC), New York Post
  7. NPR - news, analysis, music, arts & podcasts
  8. NBC News: the 'peacock' news
  9. ProPublica - news
  10. Sarasota Herald Tribune (Sarasota from Florida), Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  11. The Gazette, US-News, NewsMax - USA: politics & news; also: health, finance

British Newspapers

  1. The Observer, The Guardian, i-news, The Independent, The Telegraph, The Times (at pay only)


Economy, Business πŸ’΅

  1. The Economist (registration may be required for reading)
  2. CNBC (with the peacock emblem)
  3. Investing (multiple languages)
  4. Bloomberg (one free article)
  5. The Wall Street Journal: news, business, finance & economy (at pay)
  6. Harvard Business Review
  7. Quartz - global business news and insights
  8. Forbes, Forbes Lists
  9. FC: FastCompany - business news, technology, work life and design
  10. Financial Times - UK, only at pay
  11. blog links/search for trade/investment: Dig Deeper

Science & TechnologyπŸ§ͺπŸš€

  1. Popular Science: science, news, interesting facts
  2. Wired: technology & science
  3. science, technology & space
  4. National Geographic
  5. Scientific American
  6. MIT Technology Review
  8. crossref: Mathematics & Nature Science - News, Reading & ImagesπŸ§ͺ

Journals, Lifestyle, Books, Products & Health

  1. Vice (en,de,fr,es,it,zh,nl&more) - original reports and documentaries
  2. ShondaLand
  3. Vogue: fashion, trends, beauty and people
  4. Esquire - entertainment, lifestyle, news & politics
  5. Litarary Hub,
  6. Engadget - product reviews/technology
  7. The Verge - technology, science, art, and culture
  8. MakeTechEasier - hints, fixes and howtos for your tech (computer, smart phone, etc.)
  9. (de,fr,es,it,pl) German-French TV-channel (culture, news)
  10. healthy living
  11. netDoctor - health advice, nutrition tips
  12. Kaiser Health News
  13. Scribd (select lang.) - directory of current journals, magazines and books; login required, reading against payment
  14. more: thecut, melmagazine, taskandpurpose (military)
  15. crossref: German page


Home & Living🏠

  1. Architectural Digest, us (AD: de, fr, es, it, mx, cn, in) - architecture, design, style
  2. Architecture and Design
  3. L'Architecture D'Aujourd'Hui, orig: fr
  4. Domus, orig: it
  5. Gestalten: architecture, interior, design, fashion, food, travel, art
  6. Domino: home & living
  7. Houzz Ideabooks: plan & build your home
  8. Modenus: home, art & design
  9. AArchitecture (may be unavail)
  10. POCityF - EU funded smart city project
  11. cross reference: links deπŸ—ž, buy/shop home/livingπŸ›’

Sports, Fun & Entertainment⚽πŸŽ₯

  1. IMDb - ratings, reviews and where to watch the best movies
  2. Variety - entertainment news, film reviews, awards, film festivals, etc.
  3. The Hollywood Reporter
  4. SkySports (UK), Grandstand Sports (USA), (motor s. holidays↑)
  5. Inverse - entertainment, gaming, news, science advances & innovation
  6. MySpace - featured content & social network
  7. games, entertainment, sport, music (live streaming service)
  8. PC Gamer, GamingOnPhone, IGN (loc), TheGamer
  9. UPI - fun news, 9gag - lark, DailyStar, LaughFactory, JokeOfTheDay
  10. (registered users only): different blogs, images by different people
  11. cross references: de - sports & fun page⚽, Social Networks🐦, BlogsπŸ“Ž

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