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generic package search

  1. F-Droid, UptoDown, AppImageHub, UD: freely download Android, MacOS, Windows packages, no registration required
  2. proprietary, github-oauth registration possible:

popular Free & Open Source Software (with Windows & MacOS availability)


  1. Firefox, Falkon Browser (true OSS), Google Chrome
  2. Thunderbird (OSS-Emailing)
  3. OpenVPN: Windows, MacOS, Linux/BSD: packaged with your distro for sure, get .ovpn files VPNs🛰


  1. VLC video, internet TV & radio player & converter, screen video capture, video photos
  2. media player for windows: WinAmp (non oss, but popular)
  3. TV-Browser tv program preview/search
  4. MediathekView (de) search tv mediathek of ZDF, Arte, 3Sat, etc.


  1. Pidgin (many protocols, OMEMO plugin), Gajim (OMEMO plugin), Psi, Miranda (Win only, GPL, many protocols): OSS instant messengers, Jabber/XMPP: register account📨
  2. Quassel Internet Relay Chat (IRC)
  3. Jitsi mobile+desktop audio/video conferencing, messaging (Mac/Win: search it with UptoDown)
  4. Telegram (all distros, server side non-oss), Signal (+secure): instant messengers for mobile & desktop


  1. LibreOffice word processing, spreadsheet, presentations (Linux, Win, MacOS, OS/2)
  2. Gimp paint & foto editing, Inkscape vector graphics, OpenShot video editor, more on creativity page🖌
  3. OCR: gImageReader is a GUI for Tesseract, proprietary alternative: ABBYY, online OCR: Online Tools🖌 (optical character recognition)
  4. CherryTree note taking app
    font viewers: FontBase, Opcion (Java), Fontmatrix: Win/Tux (+extract/inst. f.), Linux: font-manager, fontpreview
  5. FreeCAD - 3D modeler, Sweet Home 3D


  1. TinyWow: handy little freeware progs (not necessarily oss):
  2. 7-zip file compression utility
  3. Infrarecorder - free CD/DVD burning for Windows
  4. KeePass: free password manager for Windows
  5. proprietary, for Windows: MS PowerToys


  1. Etcher, USBImager: load a bootable CD/DVD image onto USB-stick (freeware)
  2. partitioning: create/delete/resize: GParted, clone partition: Clonezilla
  3. boot OSes directly from the internet, without installation
  4. Unetbootin: create bootable live usb images
  5. SuperGrubDisk - rescue your Linux installation
  6. Plop Boot Manager: boot from USB or CD/DVD even when the BIOS does not support it


  1. Oracle: Java SE (Java programming language, Java virtual machine)
  2. Activestate Python, Perl, Tcl: Windows, non-oss (under Linux, BSD and MacOS python is a system component already installed on your computer)
  3. Putty , Kitty: ssh for Windows (secure remote shell)
  4. DWS Remote Control: remote control of your PC with a web browser (many languages)
  5. Win., by Microsoft: PC Manager - system cleanup and antivirus for Windows 10 & 11, proprietary

Open Source Software for Translation

  1. offline dictionaries: GoldenDict, Freedict & Ding dictionaries:,
  2. related sites: Translate on Linux, Linux for Translators,
  3. grammar: languagetool, portuguese: conjugar, conjugue (Debian packages)
  4. OmegaT (Computer Aided Translation), Aegisub (subtiteling), AntConc (text corpus work), TreeForm (drawing syntax trees)
  5. crossref: Languages: Online Learning, Translation🗪

Games & more

  1. GCompris educational, playful software for children
  2. Marble 3d globe with OpenStreetMap
  3. FlightGear OSS Game like ExtremeTuxRacer
  4. de: linux-redaktion: Gaming & mehr unter Linux

Virtualization (virtual machines)

one level up: OSS, Linux, BSD, Virtualization, other OSes🐧

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